• Controlled by your home’s furnace, Hoyme Dampers remain closed while air is recycled throughout your house, but automatically open when the furnace switches on to produce heat, allowing fresh air to enter as required. When the heating cycle is completed, the damper automatically closes and prevents cold air from entering. In the summertime, the motorized damper will also keep out hot air, improving the efficiency of your air conditioner.
  • Works seamlessly with the safety control system of any gas, propane, or oil-fired appliance and guarantees the damper is open prior to combustion.
  • Provides a much safer, more efficient option to passive fresh air inlet ducts which tend to waste energy and often become blocked, posing a safety hazard.
  • May be used for retrofit or new installations and is suited to mid- and high-efficiency furnaces.
  • Sizes range from 4” to 9” in diameter in increments of 1”.


  • 2-year limited electrical warranty
  • 10-year limited mechanical warranty

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