Warming Hearts Furnace Donation: Bringing Heat and Hope to Those in Need!

Warming Hearts is a charitable initiative running since 2018 aimed at providing a furnace to families or individuals in need… The giveaway works off a process where individuals nominate households that are facing financial hardships or other challenges. Once nominations are received, a selection process takes place to identify the most deserving recipient. The selected household will receive a new Amana furnace installed in their homes at no cost to them.

Since the first year, 6 families have been supported through “Warming Hearts”. Each family supported represents a story of resilience, strength and the power of community coming together to lift one another up. From single-parent struggles to individuals with long-term illness to front-line workers during COVID-19, First Call Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to have had the opportunity to lend a helping hand and ensure these families can stay cozy through our harsh Alberta Winters.

However, First Call couldn’t make such a difference in our community without our supplier Goodman/Amana for donating the equipment and our staff of volunteers for dedicating their time, effort and skills. Their invaluable contributions are the heart and soul of this initiative.

With another successful season concluded, the Warming Hearts Furnace Donation event has ended for this year, but we look forward to continuing our mission of spreading warmth and hope next year.

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