Compare Our Smart Thermostats

Take complete control of your home’s temperature – and energy bills – with the latest in thermostat technology. First Call Heating & Air Conditioning carries everything from basic programmable, energy-saving features to ultra-flexible, Wi-Fi integrated systems that allow you to control your home’s temperature anytime, from anywhere.

  • Lennox® Thermostats– The iComfort Wi-Fi® series of smart thermostats gives you the freedom to adjust your home’s temperature remotely from your computer, your phone, or your tablet device making it easy to save energy while keeping your home comfortable under any conditions.
  • Honeywell® Thermostats– First Call Heating & Air Conditioning carries a variety of Honeywell® thermostats from basic models to menu-driven, programmable options that make customizing your home’s temperature—and saving money on energy bills—incredibly simple.

Not sure which system to choose? Our staff will help you find the best heating control system for your needs. Contact us at 780-464-3337 to receive a free quote, learn more about financing options, or book an appointment.

Get the Right Thermostat For Your Home

Whichever brand of thermostat you choose, First Call is committed to providing a full range of services to ensure complete satisfaction over the lifespan of all of your HVAC products and systems.

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