Learn About Heat Pump Installation in Edmonton

The future is here with energy and cost-saving heat pumps! Learn how First Call can help you with all your heat pump installation needs.

Why Should I Get a Heat Pump?

A heat pump replaces the need for a traditional air conditioner and will also heat your home in a much more energy-efficient way.

Homeowners can expect to see large savings on their heating and cooling bills by using a heat pump.

Heat Pumps are The Environmentally-Friendly Option to Heat and Cool Your Home
Heat pumps are one of the few proven ways to control a home’s temperature with no emissions.

Because of this, heat pumps are revolutionizing the HVAC industry, and will be the key method of heating and cooling our homes in the future.

While saving money is an important motivator for homeowners looking at a heat pump option, the idea of helping the environment is an equally important motivator as well.

Heat pumps use very little energy and absorb free heat from the environment.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps work by exchanging naturally-occurring heat from the outside of your home in, or from the inside of your home, out.

  • Heat pumps come with two units – an outdoor unit which interacts with the atmosphere outside and an indoor unit which is housed in your home’s mechanical room.
  • Refrigerant flows through the tubes from each unit and will exchange heat between both units, depending on whether you want to heat or cool your home.
  • For every one unit of electricity used to heat your home with a heat pump, you get 4 units of heat back into your house.
  • For every unit of electricity used to cool your home with a heat pump, you get 7 units out of the environment.

Do Heat Pumps Work in Edmonton’s climate?

Yes! Heat pumps are a great option to use during spring, summer and fall.

However, it’s important to remember that heat pumps can struggle to provide enough heat in a very cold climate. In Edmonton, you will need a back-up heat source to use when temperatures fall below -10 degrees Celsius. Homeowners usually rely on their pre-existing furnace to supplement their heat during the coldest days in Edmonton.

Finally, your ability to maintain a consistent temperature will depend on the heat pump you purchase. Not all heat pumps are created equal.

Are Heat Pumps More Expensive Than Traditional Furnace and Air Conditioning Units?

The average heat pump costs between $8,500 – $16,000.  A heat pump replaces the need for an air conditioner and is used to maintain a consistent temperature in your home when it’s above -10 degrees Celsius.

Rebates also exist to help reduce your out-of-pocket-costs for making your home more energy efficient!

Get a $5,000 Rebate On Your Heat Pump!

Current qualifying units for the Greener Homes Energy Grant:

  1. SL25XPV
  2. EL22XPV
  3. ML17XP1

How does the Greener Homes Energy Grant Rebate Program Work?

The Greener Homes Energy grant exists to help homeowners pay for energy saving improvements to their homes.

First Call will walk you through the rebate process to make your heat pump purchase as easy as possible.

These are the steps to get a rebate:

  • Perform a pre-retrofit energy evaluation to your home before you begin. The cost of the evaluations are also included in the Greener Homes Grant loan (up to $600). First Call will arrange this with our Edmonton-based energy evaluator.
  • Complete your installation of a ground-source heat pump
  • Upload receipts to the Greener Homes portal
  • Receive your rebate in 90-120 days

How do I Get Started with Installing a Heat Pump?

Start by calling First Call to begin the quote process.

We will help coordinate your home energy efficiency audit to make sure you qualify and receive as many rebates as possible through the Greener Homes Energy Grant Rebate program.