Take Advantage of Rebates and Save Money on Your Utility Bills Now

The weeks following the holiday season tend to inspire a general scaling back of excessive consumption. The Christmas lights come down, credit card payments are due, and the only chocolates left in the Quality Street tin are the ones you don’t like. When it comes to post-holiday belt-tightening (Ugh… why did I eat so much chocolate?), people are often looking for new ways to stretch each and every dollar.

Didn’t think it was possible to save on utility costs this winter? Think again!

If December was the month for indiscriminate spending and frivolity, January and February tend to focus on cutting costs and reducing household expenses. Reducing utility costs might not be the first idea that comes to mind when thinking about how to save money this time of year, particularly considering the cold winter temperatures, but there are a couple reasons why you might want to give it some extra thought this year.

Enjoy long-term savings by investing in energy efficient HVAC products

We’ve recently noticed an increased interest in energy efficient HVAC systems, which may, in some small part, have something to do with the Alberta Government instituting the carbon levy this year. While the full scale of the impact is still largely unknown, we do know that investing in higher efficiency household appliances and products help homeowners save money on monthly energy bills and is a proactive measure you can do now to help offset rising utility costs due to the carbon levy.

2017 just might be the perfect time to think about improving your home’s overall energy efficiency to reduce utility costs and do your part to help reduce your carbon footprint. Not sure where to start? Your home’s heating and cooling systems – while not an insignificant investment – will result in high returns when it comes to long-term utility cost savings.

Keep money in your piggy bank with home improvement rebates.

Why wait? Start saving now and minimize the impact of rising utility costs

A key part of the Climate Leadership Plan, which includes the carbon levy and rebate program, is incentivizing consumer choices that reduce energy consumption. Quite simply, investing in energy efficient products not only saves you money right now, it will also help offset rising costs as the carbon levy takes effect. Don’t wait — seize available opportunities now to minimize the direct and indirect impact of the carbon levy on your overall household expenses right from the start.

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