Buying a new home? Conduct an HVAC inspection first and avoid an unexpected furnace replacement when you’d rather be picking out a new couch!

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Homebuyer’s Guide to Heating Systems

Whether it’s a fixer-upper, a turn-key renovated home, or even a recent build, homebuyers have a lot to consider before signing the dotted line on a house purchase. For most homebuyers, the deal-breaker criteria for a new home include things that can’t be changed, such as the number of bedrooms, location, or a large backyard.

But there are other big-ticket items that are worth careful consideration before you decide to buy a home. These are aspects of the home that may end up costing you more in the long run or will be expensive to repair or replace, like inefficient HVAC (home heating and cooling) equipment, inadequate insulation, or duct issues. It can be easy to miss or overlook these issues, especially when you find a home that checks off all your must-haves.

Detecting these issues early in the process can save you a lot of frustration and expense in the long run. Read our home buyers guide and find out which HVAC-related issues you should consider before purchasing a new home.

Avoid HVAC heartbreak when buying a house

Let’s face it, most homebuyers spend more time worrying about the aesthetics and function of appliances like the fridge or washer and dryer. But a home’s heating and cooling system is just as important.

A poor-functioning HVAC system will heat or cool your home less efficiently than a well-maintained or newer system — costing you more on your monthly utility bills and leaving you vulnerable to an unexpected system failure, typically when you need your furnace the most. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself and still get the house of your dreams.

1.) Get a professional inspection (that includes the heating system)

While you might be tempted to skip out on a professional home inspection if the home is only a few years old or if you’re worried you’ll miss out in a competitive market, the reality is that a home inspection could really save you from making a huge, expensive mistake!

Home inspectors are professionally trained to review a home and detect many major issues. Having said that, a home inspection is not a guarantee that all issues will be uncovered. Take time to review the national home inspection guidelines and standards of practice and do your research before hiring an inspector. A qualified home inspector will inspect the readily accessible components of your home’s heating and cooling systems, and may also conduct thermal imaging to evaluate any heat loss due to poor insulation.  

2.) Negotiate the sale price of the home to reflect HVAC repair or replacements costs

One of the key advantages of conducting an HVAC inspection for home purchase is that you may be able to negotiate a better purchase price for the house should the inspection determine that the furnace needs to be replaced. Not sure how much to negotiate? A new furnace installation starts at about $3,500, but the price will vary depending on the size of the home and any additional features or air quality products that you include.

If you want a more accurate breakdown of the cost to install a new HVAC system, our sales advisors can provide a free quote.

3.) Don’t forget a regular maintenance plan (yes, even if it’s a brand new home)

There’s certainly some additional peace of mind that comes with building a brand new home. By and large, you should be safe from any large-scale repairs or costly appliance replacement for the foreseeable future. And your HVAC system is no exception.

On average, a well-maintained gas furnace will last 15 years or more. Your furnace (and air conditioner) will continue to operate efficiently and last a long time if you invest in regular maintenance servicing. At First Call, we provide residential services like duct cleaning and repairs, as well as a range of maintenance protection plans which make it easy and affordable to keep HVAC equipment operating at its best for years to come.

Buying a new home is an exciting experience. It’s easy to get caught up in crown moulding or recessed lighting and forget important things like a functional furnace that will get you through the coldest winter nights! If you have questions about HVAC systems or the services we offer, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at 780.464.3337 or book online now.

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