office temperature too hot for man at desk in front of fan

Don’t melt away in your cubicle this summer

The lazy days of summer are best-spent lakeside or on a patio with a cold, refreshing drink in hand and your feet up, relaxing. But when summertime heat turns up the temperature in the office, it’s a sweaty, slippery slope leading straight to reduced productivity and increased irritability.

Many commercial office spaces struggle to maintain an ideal office temperature throughout the year, particularly during extreme weather. During the summer months, it can be particularly challenging to maintain a cool and comfortable office temperature in commercial buildings for several different reasons.


Reasons your office temperature might be less than ideal:

Inadequate air conditioning
Problems with adequate air flow in an office environment could be the result of inefficient HVAC systems. Inefficiencies may be due to airflow blockages, filters that need replacing, or systems that aren’t powerful enough to deliver even airflow across offices or cubicles.

Electronic sources of radiant heat
Electronics like photocopiers, computers, servers, and monitors that are left on all day will produce extra heat in the office. Try turning off any unused electronics to not only reduce sources of unnecessary heat but also help save on electricity.

Long considered the ultimate goal of climbing the corporate ladder, the glorious corner office, with its impressive floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning cityscape views, often comes at a price. And not just the long hours of hard work that went into earning that office with a view!

Those beautiful windows also let in a lot of sunlight that can send indoor office temperatures soaring. And while this additional source of heat is a bonus come wintertime, during the summer, the building’s air conditioning unit needs to work even harder to cool indoor air warmed by the sun’s rays. In this case, proper blinds can go a long way.

Thermostat wars
Because office occupants are usually at the mercy of a single thermostat that controls a large area — be it an entire floor or a large room with many workstations — it can be particularly challenging to maintain appropriate air temperatures throughout.

According to an online Globe and Mail survey, two-thirds — 67 per cent — said that office colleagues argue about workplace temperature. While it might not be possible to please everyone all of the time, ensuring consistent temperatures within the recommended range is key.

What should office temperature be?

According to the guidelines set out by the Canadian Standards Association on Office Ergonomics, office temperatures should be maintained between 23-26°C during the summer and between 20-23.5°C in the wintertime at 50% relative humidity. It has been found that these recommended temperature ranges will meet the needs of at least 80% of individuals.

How a commercial HVAC company can help

Regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system will ensure your air conditioner is ready to wage battle against summertime sluggishness. At First Call, a typical commercial air conditioner maintenance visit will include the following:

  • Filtration check
  • Measurement of fresh air flow
  • Thermostat calibration check
  • Examination of central rooftop unit

In addition to regular maintenance, a professional HVAC technician may offer recommendations, such as which size of AC unit is appropriate for a given space and simple airflow adjustments to even out hot and cold spots. They may even recommend climate zones with separate thermostats so that different spaces can be temperature adjusted individually.

And should the office AC require urgent attention, First Call’s professional technicians are available 24/7 for service repairs. A service agreement provides peace of mind, ensuring priority service when you need it the most.

Not sure if your commercial AC is in need of repairs or replacement? Contact First Call to schedule a maintenance visit and we’ll thoroughly assess your commercial air conditioning unit. Taking into consideration your organization’s specific needs and budget, we’ll work together to come up with the best options for ongoing maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to your current system.

And when a cool, comfortable office still isn’t quite enough to lift the team out of a summer slump, a round of iced coffees, bubble tea, or milkshakes might be in order. A cold, refreshing drink in hand brings a taste of summer to the office too!